PLM_motif_217.m2m (Planomonospora-associated Mass2Motifs)

  • Motif name: PLM_motif_217.m2m
  • Motif set name: Planomonospora-associated Mass2Motifs
  • Annotation: Desferrioxamine-related motif
  • Short annotation: Desferrioxamine-related motif
  • Comment: None
  • Original motif: motif_217 (RB101-P161)
  • Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB::accession:324439
Feature Probability
fragment_227.1350 0.895341148145884
fragment_228.1350 0.0285858279770211
fragment_228.1450 0.0130394956602864
fragment_427.2550 0.00886281785313172
fragment_186.1250 0.00592266541640089
fragment_267.1350 0.00521442330525459
fragment_546.3550 0.00342862088473984
loss_199.1150 0.0029053569169739
fragment_184.1050 0.00221837628787665
fragment_428.2550 0.00116812078227352

Please note: the following plots both show relative intensity such that the biggest feature (fragment / loss) has a value of 100%. For the absolute values, please see the table above.

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