Experiment Summary

  • Name: massbank_binned_005
  • Details: MassBank binned at 0.05 Da
  • Users: kevin001 (view), mitja001 (view), michael001 (view), simon (edit), justin (edit), joe (edit), frank (view), coursedemo (view), edwin (view), ville (view), hiroshi (view), christian (view), metfamily (view), laura (view), alice (view), fiona (view), jennifer (view), emma (view), huan (view), ming (view), joefrew (view), asker (view), alex_aksenov (view), craigmclean (view), noelie (view), sandrien (view), Isabel (view), florence (view), dale001 (view), florent001 (view), katie001 (view), mark001 (view), grimur001 (view), kate001 (view), sylvia001 (view), ronan001 (view), dimitrios001 (view), claire (view), ashvin001 (view), daniel001 (view), jennifer002 (view), gavin (view), AlexP (view), sonia001 (view), kyobin001 (view), shiwen001 (view), mauricio001 (view), rafael001 (view), daniela001 (view), alan001 (view), seung001 (view), francesca001 (view), julia001 (view), moe001 (view), jake001 (view), thautbergue (view), kyobinkang (view), workshop2018 (view), eisuke001 (view), 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  • Experiment is public.

Experiment options (if run on Ms2lda.org)

  • MS2 file:
  • Peaklist file:
  • isolation_window: 0.5
  • mz_tol: 5.0
  • rt_tol: 10.0
  • min_ms1_rt (s): 3.0
  • max_ms1_rt (s): 21.0
  • min_ms2_intensity: 5000.0
  • filter duplicates: False
  • min_ms1_intensity: 0.0
  • duplicate_filter_mz_tol: 0.5
  • duplicate_filter_rt_tol: 16.0
  • n_its (if LDA): 1000
  • K (if LDA): 300

Fragmentation Spectra Details

The following table lists the fragmentation spectra of molecules in this dataset. Click the links in the Name column for more information on that molecule, including associated Mass2Motifs that explain the features of the spectra.