Streptomyces and Salinispora Mass2Motifs

Description: Annotated Mass2Motif set from Streptomyces and Salinispora extracts with 0.1 Da binned features


      Analysis_MassSpectrometer: other high resolution instrument
      Motif_Name_Prefix: StrepSalini
      Collision_Energy: HCD
      Scientific_Name: Salinispora and Streptomyces
      Sample_Type: bacterial extracts
      Featureset_Name: binned_1
      Other_Information: Annotated Mass2Motif set from extracts of Streptomyces and Salinispora bacteria
      Taxon_ID: 168694, 1883
      Analysis_IonizationSource: electospray ionization
      Analysis_ChromatographyAndPhase: reverse phase (C18)
      Massive_ID: MSV000078836, MSV000078839
      Featureset_Id: 2
      Analysis_Polarity: positive ionisation mode
      Ms2lda_Experiment_Id: 551
Motif Annotation
StrepSalini_motif_20.m2m Salinispora arenicola subset related Mass2Motif - peptidic nature
StrepSalini_motif_99.m2m Salinispora arenicola related substructure [109, 95, 55]
StrepSalini_motif_91.m2m Peptidic motif - S. arenicola related
StrepSalini_motif_37.m2m C11H24NO and C11H22N fragments - 186/168 - related Mass2Motif
StrepSalini_motif_144.m2m Losses 139, 140 - subset of Streptomyces sp. and S. arenicola related
StrepSalini_motif_238.m2m Terpene related motif II - Streptomyces related
StrepSalini_motif_233.m2m C9H20N and C6H14N fragments (142/100) related Mass2Motif - Streptomyces sp related
StrepSalini_motif_48.m2m Salinispora arenicola related fragment [123] and Arenimycin related fragments
StrepSalini_motif_49.m2m Thr-Met peptidic related Mass2Motif?
StrepSalini_motif_125.m2m Terpene related motif - Streptomyces related
StrepSalini_motif_289.m2m Streptomyces and one block of species related motif - 207 fragment
StrepSalini_motif_208.m2m Tryptophan related Mass2Motif
StrepSalini_motif_205.m2m Interesting motif - peptidic nature
StrepSalini_motif_85.m2m Generic motif - generic fragment [72.05]
StrepSalini_motif_3.m2m Salinispora arenicola related substructure [151, 123]
StrepSalini_motif_6.m2m Interesting motif - peptidic nature
StrepSalini_motif_128.m2m S. arenicola related small substructure - 156 fragment based
StrepSalini_motif_8.m2m Staurosporine related Mass2Motif (combined fragments 130 and 88 + loss of 129)
StrepSalini_motif_213.m2m Subset S. arenicola related mass2motif
StrepSalini_motif_218.m2m Leucine related Mass2Motif - general across species
StrepSalini_motif_113.m2m Streptomyces dominated motif - terpene related??!
StrepSalini_motif_119.m2m N,N-dimethyl amino sugar related motif - i.e., dimethylamino-b-D -xylo-hexopyranoside (Rosamicin) or N,N-dimethyl-pyrrolosamine (Lomaivicitin)
StrepSalini_motif_199.m2m Salinispora arenicola related peptidic motif
StrepSalini_motif_110.m2m Streptomyces related Mass2Motif - cyclic peptide related?
StrepSalini_motif_221.m2m Generic motif - generic fragment [70.05]
StrepSalini_motif_74.m2m Streptomyces dominated motif II - flavonoid related?!
StrepSalini_motif_223.m2m Salinispora arenicola related fragment [102]
StrepSalini_motif_105.m2m Streptomyces and one block of species related motif - 293 fragment
StrepSalini_motif_106.m2m Streptomyces related motif - 163 fragment based [amino acid related?]
StrepSalini_motif_108.m2m Hydroxy-staurosporine related Mass2Motif
StrepSalini_motif_196.m2m Streptomyces related Mass2Motif
StrepSalini_motif_270.m2m Streptomyces related Mass2Motif - likely terpene related with strong 115 fragment peak
StrepSalini_motif_224.m2m Salinispora arenicola subset related Mass2Motif - ?
StrepSalini_motif_241.m2m Salinispora arenicola related large fragment ion
StrepSalini_motif_10.m2m Actinomycin related Mass2Motif (H-VPMeGMeV-OH peptide lactone sequence)
StrepSalini_motif_283.m2m Peptidic motif?
StrepSalini_motif_259.m2m Loss of 60 - Streptomyces and related block of species - Loss of O-Acetylgroup (C2H4O2)
StrepSalini_motif_250.m2m 120.95, 163.95, 55, 67, 69 fragments - subset Streptomyces sp. and Salinispora arenicola related
StrepSalini_motif_161.m2m 120 and 146 mass fragments - peptidic? (120 could be Phe fragment)
StrepSalini_motif_168.m2m Interesting motif - small substructure [132, 115]