GNPS library derived Mass2Motifs

Description: MS/MS spectra obtained from reference compounds and isolated molecules from diverse sources with a focus on bacterial and plant related molecules - positive ionisation mode mass spectrometry on various instruments.


      Analysis_MassSpectrometer: mixture
      Collision_Energy: mixture
      Other_Information: Most reference data spectra were annotated from LC-MS/MS experiments run through GNPS from data deposited in MASSiVE.
      Sample_Type: Reference molecules
      Analysis_IonizationSource: electospray ionization
      Analysis_ChromatographyAndPhase: direct infusion (DI)
      Analysis_Polarity: positive ionisation mode
Motif Annotation
gnps_motif_33.m2m tetrahydroisoquinoline substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151002
gnps_motif_24.m2m Fragments indicative for tyrosine related substructure (MzCloud) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151003
gnps_motif_39.m2m Hydroxy-Pregnenolone related fragments (not very specific - indicative for presence of steroid backbone) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151004
gnps_motif_2.m2m Benzenesulfonylamide related fragments and losses [ClassyFire - Relevant terms - Substituents: Aminobenzenesulfonamide Benzenesulfonyl group - Taxa: Aminobenzenesulfonamides Benzenesulfonamides] Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151005
gnps_motif_15.m2m Fragments indicative for y-aminobutyric acid (amimobutyrate) substructure (MzCloud) – present in Beer 2 & Beer 3 – in beer 3 mainly based on C4H7O2 fragment. Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151006
gnps_motif_63.m2m 8-methoxy-11b-methyl-1 3-dioxo-5 6 11 11b-tetrahydro-1H-imidazo[1' 5':1 2]pyrido[3 4-b]indol-2(3H)-yl)propanamide substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151007
gnps_motif_55.m2m Fragments indicative for dihydroxylated benzene ring substructure (MzCloud) – C6H5O2 fragment corresponds to positively charged fragment with two hydroxyl groups. Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151008
gnps_motif_17.m2m C4H8 loss indicative for saturated C4-alkyl substructure (often tert-butyl group or loss from 8 8-Trimethyl-2-oxo-9 10-dihydro-2H 8H-pyrano[2 3-f]chromen-5-yl substructure) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151009
gnps_motif_18.m2m Acetyl loss Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151010
gnps_motif_42.m2m Fragments indicative adenine (C5H6N5) substructure – most prevalent in Beer3 Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151011
gnps_motif_69.m2m H-dibenzo(a d)cyclohepten-5-ylidene substructure (and isomer with three connected benzene rings) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151012
gnps_motif_7.m2m Small nitrogen containing fragment ion – often proline or ornithine derived – most abundant fragment in beer data Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151013
gnps_motif_28.m2m 2-oxochromen-7-yl [mainly dimethylated] related substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151014
gnps_motif_54.m2m Fragments indicative for ferulic acid based substructure (MzCloud) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151015
gnps_motif_22.m2m losses indicative for 4-oxo-1 4-dihydroquinoline-3-carboxylic acid substructure in GNPS [ClassyFire - Relevant terms - Substituents: Dihydroquinolone Dihydroquinoline - Taxa: Quinoline carboxylic acids Quinolines and derivatives] Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151016
gnps_motif_14.m2m Aliphatic amine (NH3 loss indicates free NH2 group coupled to aliphatic chain) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151017
gnps_motif_26.m2m 6-oxo-7 11-diazatricyclo[ 7~]trideca-2 4-diene-11-carboxamide substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151018
gnps_motif_49.m2m Loss possibly indicative of carboxylic acid group with 1-carbon attached. Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151019
gnps_motif_68.m2m 6-oxo-6H-benzo[c]chromen-3-yl substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151020
gnps_motif_43.m2m Water loss - indicative of a free hydroxyl group – (in beer often seen in sugary structures) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151021
gnps_motif_27.m2m (methylphenyl)sulfonylamino substructure [ClassyFire - Relevant terms - Substituents: Tosyl compound P-toluenesulfonamide Benzenesulfonamide Aminosulfonyl compound - Taxa: None] Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151022
gnps_motif_9.m2m Isopropyl/propylamine substructure (loss based) or isopropyl/propyl side chain Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151023
gnps_motif_57.m2m Fragment ions indicative for alkylamine substructure C5H10N (in beer often pipecolic acid [pipecolate]) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151024
gnps_motif_1.m2m Sterone related Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151025
gnps_motif_53.m2m Imidazole group linked to a carboxylgroup through one CH2 group i.e. like in imidazole acetic acid Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151026
gnps_motif_12.m2m Fragment ions indicative for C6H12NO substructure (in beer related to N-acetylputrescine - MzCloud) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151027
gnps_motif_36.m2m 2-oxochromen-7-yl [mainly trimethylated] related substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151028
gnps_motif_3.m2m nitrogen containing substructure [C5H12N] (in beer related to Leucine) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151029
gnps_motif_4.m2m Fragment and loss of [proline-H2O] - indicative for conjugated proline or arginine/ornithine – EF fits Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151030
gnps_motif_52.m2m Fragment indicative for aromatic compounds related to methylbenzene substructure (C7H7 fragment) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151031
gnps_motif_65.m2m oxo-1 2 3 4-tetrahydrocyclopenta[c]chromen-7-yl substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151032
gnps_motif_64.m2m phthalate substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151033
gnps_motif_20.m2m 4-keto-chlorobenzene substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151034
gnps_motif_72.m2m Diethylamino /dimethylaminoethyl substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151035
gnps_motif_13.m2m Amine loss - Indicative for free NH2 group in fragmented molecule Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151036
gnps_motif_29.m2m 1-naphthalenamine substructure (or isomeric substructure) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151037
gnps_motif_5.m2m Combined loss of H2O and CO – indicative for presence of carboxylic acid (COOH) substructure – generic substructure in amino acids and organic acids Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151038
gnps_motif_62.m2m 10-Deacetylbaccatin-III related substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151039
gnps_motif_6.m2m Diphenyl substructure [ClassyFire; Relevant terms - Substituents: Diphenylmethane - Taxa: Diphenylmethanes] Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151040
gnps_motif_51.m2m Oxygen-rich losses and fragments also occurring in hexose spectra – related to M2M 211 (hexose [glucose] conjugatation) – possibly hydrated-hexose loss? [ClassyFire - Relevant terms - Substituents: O-glycosyl compound Hexose monosaccharide Polyol] Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151041
gnps_motif_67.m2m genistein related Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151042
gnps_motif_60.m2m Quinazolinol substructure (or formed after fragmentation event of dihydro analogue) [ClassyFire: Relevant terms - Substituents: Quinoxaline - Taxa: None] Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151043
gnps_motif_73.m2m oxy]acetyl}amino)methyl]cyclohexanecarboxylic acid related Mass2Motif (losses) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151044
gnps_motif_38.m2m Loss of CH2O2 - indicative for underivatized carboxilic acid group Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151045
gnps_motif_46.m2m Benzenechloride substructure [ClassyFire - Relevant terms - Substituents: Aryl chloride - Taxa: None] Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151046
gnps_motif_8.m2m 2-(5-Methoxy-1H-indol-3-yl)ethyl substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151047
gnps_motif_56.m2m Double water loss i.e. 2*H20 – Generic feature for metabolites containing several free OH groups attached to a aliphatic chain like sugars. Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151048
gnps_motif_115.m2m Sterone steroid related Mass2Motif Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151049
gnps_motif_367.m2m Amphotericin related Mass2Motif Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151050
gnps_motif_48.m2m Fragment ion indicative for conjugation of a phosphate group (H4O4P) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151051
gnps_motif_0.m2m Methoxylated benzene substructure [ClassyFire - Relevant terms - Substituents: Methoxybenzene Phenoxy compounds - Taxa: O-methylated flavonoids] Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151052
gnps_motif_35.m2m Fragment ions indicative for pyroglutamic acid (pyroglutamate) or glutamine (both in MzCloud) – structure can be formed from glutamic acid (glutamate) in the mass spectrometer as well. Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151053
gnps_motif_170.m2m methoxy-methylaminophenyl substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151054
gnps_motif_59.m2m Fragments indicative for [phenylalanine-CHOOH] based substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151055
gnps_motif_61.m2m Theophylline substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151056
gnps_motif_31.m2m Fluorobenzyl substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151057
gnps_motif_45.m2m Fragments indicative of a glycosylation – i.e. indicative for a sugar conjugation (in beer often related to glucose) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151058
gnps_motif_50.m2m Steroid core related (C18H21 and smaller fragments thereof - with C12H13 C11H11 and C11H13 most probable) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151059
gnps_motif_30.m2m Methylated [7 or 3 7] 2-(4-Hydroxy-6-oxotetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl)ethyl substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151060
gnps_motif_11.m2m Alkyl aromatic substructure – indicative for aromatic ring with 2-carbon alkyl chain attached i.e. phenylethene fragment from ethylbenzene as a result of the fragmentation process. Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151061
gnps_motif_71.m2m 4-Methyl-6-oxo-6H-benzo[c]chromen-3-yl substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151062
gnps_motif_44.m2m [Pentose (C5-sugar)-H2O] related loss – indicative for conjugated pentose sugar - EF fits Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151063
gnps_motif_25.m2m Indole substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151064
gnps_motif_37.m2m Fragments indicative for cinnamic/hydroxycinnamic acid substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151065
gnps_motif_40.m2m CO loss - indicative for presence of ketone/aldehyde/lactone group (C=O) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151066
gnps_motif_16.m2m 4-(4-Methoxyphenyl)-2-oxo-2H-chromen-7-yl]oxy relared substructure (or isomeric variants) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151067
gnps_motif_21.m2m Fragments indicative for ethylphenol substructure (i.e. resulting from Tyramine – MzCloud) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151068
gnps_motif_70.m2m indicative of piperazine substructure (or related N-containing ring structures for C2H5N loss only) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151069
gnps_motif_32.m2m Pregn-4 or 5-ene-3-dione substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151070
gnps_motif_41.m2m N-acetyl-4-piperidinecarboxylic acid substructure [ClassyFire; Relevant terms - Substituents: Piperidinecarboxilic acid N-acyl-piperidine - Taxa: None] Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151071
gnps_motif_10.m2m cinchonan-9-ol substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151072
gnps_motif_274.m2m 3-oxo-delta-1 4-progestogin based steroid related Mass2Motif Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151073
gnps_motif_58.m2m Fragments indicative for asparagine substructure (MzCloud) – prevalent in Beer 3 Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151074
gnps_motif_23.m2m Desosamine [deoxyaminosugar found in macrolides] Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151075
gnps_motif_19.m2m (5-Hydroxy-2 2-dimethyl-4-oxo-3 4-dihydro-2H-chromen-7-yl)oxy substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151076
gnps_motif_47.m2m Fragments indicative for histidine (C6H10N3O2) substructure (MzCloud) Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151077
gnps_motif_66.m2m Loss of [hexose-H2O] – indication of hexose conjugation (for example glucose) [ClassyFire - Relevant terms - Substituents: Hexose monosaccharide - Taxa: None] Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151078
gnps_motif_34.m2m [1 3-dihydro-2-benzofuran-1-yl]pyrrolidine substructure Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB:motif:151079