Photorhabdus and Xenorhabdus Mass2Motifs

Description: Mass2Motifs discovered in Molecular Networking clustered positive ionisation mode mass spectra generated from bacterial extracts of nematode symbionts of the Photorhabdus and Xenorhabdus genera.


      Analysis_MassSpectrometer: Time-Of-Flight (ToF)
      Collision_Energy: HCD
      Other_Information: The Mass2Motif set contains mainly peptidic Mass2Motifs which is in line with previous work done on Photorhabdus and Xenorhabdus extracts and the findings in the paper of Tobias et al.
      Sample_Type: bacterial extractsi
      Featureset_Name: binned_005
      Scientific_Name: Photorhabdus genus, Xenorhabdus genus
      Taxon_ID: 29487, 626
      Motif_Name_Prefix: rhabdus
      Analysis_ChromatographyAndPhase: reverse phase (C18)
      Massive_ID: MSV000081063
      Featureset_Id: 1
      Analysis_IonizationSource: electospray ionization
      Analysis_Polarity: positive ionisation mode
      MS2LDA_Experiment_ID: 570
Motif Annotation
rhabdus_motif_84.m2m Rhabdopeptide related Mass2Motif [MeLeu – MeVal – Val – MeVal -- 453 - 340 - 227], [also includes MeVal – MeLeu – MeVal – MeVal motif -- 468 - 354 - 241]
rhabdus_motif_163.m2m Leucine-Leucine peptidic fragment Mass2Motif (i.e., in Xenobovid peptides)
rhabdus_motif_162.m2m Szentiamide related Mass2Motif
rhabdus_motif_250.m2m Xenortide-derived peptidic Mass2Motif
rhabdus_motif_15.m2m Xefoampeptide related Mass2Motif - specific losses including C=O loss (28) and Leucine + C=Om (141)
rhabdus_motif_245.m2m Taxillaid related Mass2Motif
rhabdus_motif_249.m2m Interesting motif - peptidic nature - small fragments with 177 and 133 most abundant
rhabdus_motif_186.m2m Pyrrolizidine related Mass2Motif
rhabdus_motif_106.m2m interesting motif - peptidic nature - small fragments 213 and 185
rhabdus_motif_77.m2m Taxillaid related Mass2Motif
rhabdus_motif_72.m2m Lysine and Lysine-Lysine peptidic Mass2Motif
rhabdus_motif_286.m2m 3-alkyl-indole and indole related motif (146, 130, 117 mass fragments)
rhabdus_motif_151.m2m Xenocoumacin related Mass2Motif - with m/z 250 ( 3,4-dihydro-8-hydroxy-1H-2-benzopyran-1-one related) and m/z 158 (remaining fragment that includes pyrrolidine) mass fragments
rhabdus_motif_265.m2m Interesting motif - peptidic nature
rhabdus_motif_295.m2m Small peptidic substructure
rhabdus_motif_118.m2m interesting motif - peptidic nature - cyclic fragments 473, 474, 342 and 376
rhabdus_motif_115.m2m Interesting motif - small substructure [141, 112 and 98]
rhabdus_motif_116.m2m Interesting motif - small substructure [142, 114 and 196]
rhabdus_motif_63.m2m Interesting motif - peptidic nature
rhabdus_motif_64.m2m Microcin related Mass2Motif
rhabdus_motif_187.m2m Interesting motif - cyclic peptide related
rhabdus_motif_210.m2m Cyclic peptide related Mass2Motif - Sarcosine-MeLeucine-Valine-MeLeucine-alpha-Aminobutyric acid - part of Cyclosporine
rhabdus_motif_120.m2m Water loss and water + amino group loss related Mass2Motif
rhabdus_motif_122.m2m Interesting motif - substructure/scaffold
rhabdus_motif_8.m2m Peptidic motif - theonellapeptolide related?
rhabdus_motif_50.m2m small substructure - 114 and 97 (and 139)
rhabdus_motif_51.m2m small peptidic substructure (m/z 105, 230, 123)
rhabdus_motif_53.m2m Interesting motif - small substructure
rhabdus_motif_278.m2m Fatty acid C10:0 3-OH related Mass2Motif [fragment 154]
rhabdus_motif_58.m2m interesting motif - peptidic nature - 8 core fragments between 144 and 232
rhabdus_motif_298.m2m Amino group loss - indicative for presence of free NH2 (amino) group
rhabdus_motif_287.m2m Xenobovid related Mass2Motif
rhabdus_motif_209.m2m Ethylphenyl related mass fragment (m/z 105) - present in phenylethylamides, dialkylresorcinols, and cyclohexanedions
rhabdus_motif_134.m2m Cyclic peptide related Mass2Motif - Proline-Glutamine-Tyrosine-Valine like motif
rhabdus_motif_281.m2m Peptidic motif - theonellapeptolide related?
rhabdus_motif_285.m2m Peptidic loss of 113 - related to presence of Leucine or Methylvaline [in Rhabdopeptides or related peptides]
rhabdus_motif_42.m2m Interesting motif - peptidic nature - cyclic fragments 472, 473 and 376 (Xentrivalpeptides and others)
rhabdus_motif_40.m2m Xenoamicin related Mass2Motif - peptidic ring
rhabdus_motif_145.m2m interesting motif - small substructure [205, 177]
rhabdus_motif_140.m2m Microcin related Mass2Motif II
rhabdus_motif_221.m2m small peptidic substructure
rhabdus_motif_90.m2m Xenoamicin related Mass2Motif - peptidic tail
rhabdus_motif_91.m2m Phenylpropanoid related Mass2Motif
rhabdus_motif_95.m2m Xenortide related Mass2Motif
rhabdus_motif_272.m2m Interesting motif - peptidic nature
rhabdus_motif_289.m2m Interesting motif!! 251/223/178 mass fragments