mb_motif_42.m2m (Massbank library derived Mass2Motifs)

  • Motif name: mb_motif_42.m2m
  • Motif set name: Massbank library derived Mass2Motifs
  • Annotation: Fragments indicative for kaempferol/glycosylated kaempferol substructure
  • Short annotation: Fragments indicative for kaempferol/glycosylated kaempferol substructure
  • Comment: Derived from massbank_binned_005 ms2lda experiment id=190
  • Original motif: motif_42 (massbank_binned_005)
  • Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB::accession:151148
Feature Probability
fragment_287.0575 0.797557373027937
fragment_595.1675 0.0304875857140715
fragment_449.1075 0.0226842382324655
fragment_763.2075 0.0211762259249717
fragment_200.1175 0.0211680067749804
fragment_617.1475 0.0208592691794335
fragment_288.0575 0.0155494700074649
fragment_85.0275 0.0140942016676259
fragment_287.1425 0.013013381324745
fragment_433.1125 0.0100579653168795
loss_124.0725 0.00769556180171081
fragment_743.2025 0.0073711108248828
fragment_741.2225 0.00660805782709516
fragment_331.0975 0.00487173112870461
fragment_596.1675 0.00326215974991363
fragment_85.0225 0.00195818358477601
fragment_289.0625 0.00158547791234159

Please note: the following plots both show relative intensity such that the biggest feature (fragment / loss) has a value of 100%. For the absolute values, please see the table above.

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