urine_mass2motif_238.m2m (Urine derived Mass2Motifs)

  • Motif name: urine_mass2motif_238.m2m
  • Motif set name: Urine derived Mass2Motifs
  • Annotation: Pyroglutamate (pyroglutamic acid) or glutamine related Mass2Motif
  • Short annotation: Pyroglutamate (pyroglutamic acid) or glutamine related Mass2Motif
  • Comment: Derived from Urine ms2lda experiment id=93
  • Resolver: mzspec:MOTIFDB::accession:150978
Feature Probability
fragment_84.0425 0.76557747093047
fragment_56.0475 0.188737076233518
fragment_53.0025 0.00840352445937034
fragment_162.1025 0.00839645368424353
fragment_101.0725 0.00272969357015601
loss_77.0475 0.00119750922989283
loss_26.9975 0.00113740189229717

Please note: the following plots both show relative intensity such that the biggest feature (fragment / loss) has a value of 100%. For the absolute values, please see the table above.

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